The remes GmbH

Since 1986 we have been a reliable developer and supplier of customized test systems and software solutions for the automotive industry.
It is our goal to convince our customers not only by the high quality of our products, but also to ensure the security of their investments by long-term support and continuous development.

Our Test Systems

Our History

In the meantime remes GmbH looks back on more than 35 years of company history. Years in which the management has consistently placed value on healthy and sustainable growth - both in terms of the workforce and the product portfolio.

In order to live up to future growth, the ground-breaking ceremony for a representative new building will take place in 2020.


Founded by Dr. Josef Luber

with the goal to supply development departments with respective tools. First registered office is in Zugspitzstr. 80, Altenerding. Core developments on LIPS, DIGISKOP and cockpit test system for quality assurance are being made.



Mr. Peter Hangl starts his career

at remes and works on DIGISKOP and a test system for one of the worlds first motorcycle-ABS


Relocation to Parkstraße

Remes has now 4 employees



Relocation to Lukasmühle

With now five employees. Besides previous field of activities, remes emphasises on the automation of gear box test rigs.


First series of EoL-Test Equipment

for door and seat quality assurance. First ECU for „Special Purpose Vehicles“. (8 employees)



Mr. Peter Hangl becomes a member of the executive board

and is responsible for the EoL-testsystems department. The so far developed test-software is being restructured and named “ASCOT“ (order specific component test system). Remes has now 10 employees


Mr. Wolfgang Rapp becomes a member of the executive board

and is responsible for the ECU-Development department. Remes has now 20 employees



Clemens Luber is now CEO

The company has now 30 employees


Dominik Beuscher becomes a member of the executive board

and is responsible for Operations and Marketing


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