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In the following topics and areas remes GmbH has a mature expertise that has been successfully applied for over 20 years:

  • Hardware development and circuit diagram design 
  • ECU design for automotive usage 
  • External access on ECUs via GSM, BLE on portable devices 
  • Strong linkage to leading automotive OEMs. Profound knowledge of bus-systems and message catalogs 
  • Development of PC- based tools 

Following technologies are used:

  • Embedded Software: C, C++, RTOS
  • Kommunication: RFID, NFC, LTE, GSM, BLE, WIFI, MQTT
  • Mobile Devices: Java, Objective-C, Swift, Android, iOS
  • Desktop: C++, C#, Delphi, QT, WPF
  • Bus systems: CAN, LIN, Flexray, CAN-FD, CanOpen, CiA 447, Apix
  • Diagnosis: OBD2, Diagnosis services, Transport protocols


Partners und Projects

We look after many partners at home and abroad. The following is a selection of these and an insight into the projects:

Carsharing (BMW):

  • Hard- and software development of Carsharing modules using GSM and Bluetooth Low Energy (P2P application) 
  • Connection and integration in the customer system 
  • Hard- and software development of a vehicle external reader with NFC or Bluetooth Low Energy interface 
  • Development of mobile apps and libraries for Carsharing use cases (Android, iOS, vehicle access by app) 
  • Development of Ecus for flexible acquisition and transmission of bus- and diagnostic data in vehicles (BMW DriveNow, test fleets)

Gateway Development:

  • Development of Ecus for integration of BMW engines in third party vehicles. 
  • Interconnection of different automotive subsystems through integration of gateways capable of different bus protocols. 
  • Tool development for vehicle diagnostics used for the production process, maintenance and service.

Special Vehicles:

  • Hard- and software development of Ecus in special vehicles according to processes in automotive series manufacturing (AUTOSAR) 
  • Customization of special menus in infotainment systems 
  • Development of customer made diagnostic tools for integration and quality assurance
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