PAAN 4.0

The precise measurement of periodic changes in rotational speed

With PAAN 4.0 ( Puls-Abstands-ANalyse ) the functionality of the only ISA-PC Plug-in-board, developed by remes, was transferred to an up-to-date platform.

  • Input pulses of up to 5 rotary encoder can be captured individually and analysed with the highest possible accuracy. Calculated values like rpm and torsional vibrations will be provided via CAN with 100Hz per signal.
  • The system can be parametrised through a PC-program ( PaPaTool ), which communicates via Ethernet with a frontend.
  • Via PaPaTool the transfer of raw data to PC is possible. The data can be analysed in detail and graphically displayed.
  • The 165x120x80mm small device provides enough installation space for customer specific signal adaption
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