The further development of an instance: The new ASCOT compact 2

ASCOT compact 2 is the latest generation of an all-purpose end-of-line test system of remes GmbH.

In the automotive series production AC2 is established to test seats, doors and I-Panels successfully and with high reliability. Because of standardised components it is possible to fit the system to products of different manufacturers with a marginal reconfiguration. It is also possible to cover special solutions because of its modular extensibility.

Technical details of the ASCOT compact 2 (Standard):

  • 40A power supply incl. Sense. Precise current measurement by Hall-Effect technology
  • 3A and 300mA measurement paths
  • Special measurement channels for airbag ignition tablet
  • Precise measurement channels with pull-up/-down circuit
  • 2x CAN (CAN2A and CAN2B)
  • 2x LIN
  • Signal generation for loud speaker testsTrueRMS for current and voltage + Phase shift calculation


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