Test System for Motorcycle ABS

With the ABS test system it is possible to perform a 100% test on different built-in motorcycle ABS systems together with the motorcycle.

An industrial PC as control computer activates over analog and digital inputs and outputs diverse electronic components like current and voltage measuring units and actuators for an SPS based driving roller with brake momentum capture. Beyond that there exists a communication with the ABS control unit over a one-wire diagnosis line to capture internal operating states and to recall the required actions which are necessary to perform a complete test run according to the requirement specification. All test results which have to be captured to guarantee the operational reliability of the ABS system are stored in the test computer together with the general vehicle data and can be comprehensively statistically analyzed on demand.For that purpose an extra analysis software is available which offers many data base functions for the selection of the data according to arbitrary criteria like period, vehicle specific features etc. The data thus preselected can then be displayed, printed and classified as a protocol or a table. A direct interface to the standard software QS-STAT is available.